About Us
Pizza Corner India (Private) Limited, registered in August 1996 under the Companies Act, 1956, is committed to becoming the industry leader in the Quick Service Hospitality business.

About Pizza Corner


Pizza Corner was created in 1996 by Global Franchise Architects (GFA). This winning idea is one among several supported by GFA, a builder of specialty retail franchisees since 1996. Its current portfolio consists of four self-created brands: Pizza Corner, Coffee World, New York Deli, and The Cream and Fudge Factory.


Fred Mouawad is described as a serial entrepreneur. The Chairman of Global Franchise Architects, Fred has always been intrigued by the power of retail brand that are visible and accessible to a broad customer base. Putting his fascination of the growth potential of such brands to work, he constantly innovates, creating lucrative opportunities for both businessman and consumer.

He believes "When the formulae is right, the concept can extend beyond national boundaries and cultural differences to reach out to more people around the world. Providing a positive experience to our customers is what drives us to innovate and grow."

In 1996 When Fred explored the possibility of opening a Pizza Restaurant in Chennai, India he contemplated becoming a Franchisee and realized how difficult it was to acquire established international chains without being a large corporation and having direct experience in the restaurant business. Realizing the need to make it easier for entrepreneurs to become franchisees of successful brands, he launched his own brand, 'Pizza Corner'. His vision was to provide the opportunity for driven individuals to own their business, operate it within a proven and successful system, have fun and make a profit in the process.

Once Pizza Corner was launched successfully in India, GFA continued to innovate, and one year later launched the Coffee World brand in Thailand and later New York 5th Av. Deli and the Cream and Fudge Factory. Currently GFA operates 7 brands worldwide in 9 countries: Pizza Corner, Coffee World, New York 5th Av. Deli, The Cream & Fudge Factory, Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen, The Donut Baker and Sukanya.


Becoming the industry leader in the Quick service Hospitality Business was the single most motivating factor that brought us to Chennai, India. A staunchly conservative market resistant to experimentation with cuisine of any kind. A tough nut to crack. However we emerged victorious, setting the stage for other food chains to timidly set foot where we had conquered.

Since then, we've made our presence felt in Bangalore, Hyderabad and then Delhi in 2000. we have a large customer base all over India. A brand that people trust implicitly to consistently deliver a quality experience.

Our next step is to launch into an increasing competitive market with a focus on franchising and repeat this success story in Indian and International markets.

Even as a formidable business presence, we are defined by our creativity. Along with the ability to innovate and a secure financial backing, what makes us tick is the courage to create, and believe in our own ideas.


WOW every Guest by serving an innovative range of delicious high quality pizzas in a fun, friendly, and comfortable environment.


The core idea is great tasting, wholesome food. In many varieties that range from innovative pizzas with an array of choices including Hand tossed crust, Italian crust, Deep Pan and Sicilian among others as well as appetizers, pastas, salads, bakes and desserts. All available at Dine-Ins, Delivery and Express Counters.


No expense is spared while delivering the Pizza Corner Experience. We call it a holistic customer experience that offers a place to relax, enjoy good food and be oneself in a fun environment. Here too, every detail is seen to, from a well-trained, solicitous Guest Care staff to the carefully chosen music. The ambience, decor and uniforms too have been painstakingly conceptualized to bring out the sheer vibrancy of every outlet. Each of them has a particular theme that is enjoyable and friendly such as Basketball, Adventure Sports, Cycling, Movies and Music among others.

The concept of Open Kitchens allows our guests to see for themselves the clean and healthy environment we prepare food in. The most sophisticated American Conveyor Ovens make sure our hand tossed pizzas are baked to perfection, giving our consumers that unmatchable pizza corner experience. To add to this, every process is streamlined and only ingredients of superlative quality are used. At Pizza Corner, we also pride ourselves on adaptability, so when in India, we don't serve beef or pork but offer the best of the taste with Ham and Salami specially developed with Halal white meat. Also Pepperoni made from Halal Lamb meat.

All in all, it is an environment that adheres to absolutely stringent standards of quality, service and cleanliness befitting international norms. Made even more palatable by a generous helping of good, old-fashioned Indian hospitality.

Our Guest Care Center (GCC) and Commissaries are state of the art. Facilitating adherence to international standards& service. We operate our own call centers with a single delivery number in each city. We make sure we deliver pizzas in 39 minutes or we don't charge for it. After all, it's all about no compromises. That's what makes it the Pizza Corner experience.

The Pizza Corner Way

Our mission is to WOW every guest.

We always treat this as the # 1 priority in all our endeavors. Pizza Corner's emphasis is on Quality, Cleanliness and Speed of Service as the first threshold of its commitment to its mission.

Our endeavor is to offer a slice of life! A total experience. Because the key differentiator between others and us is the Pizza Corner Experience, which will remain exclusive to us.

Caring For Your Health

At Pizza Corner, we believe that the food you eat, besides being good for your health, should also taste great. That is the reason why we offer a variety of toppings and a wide array of choices, balancing a nutritional diet with splendid taste.

In fact, we have always believed in the goodness of basics - bread, milk, vegetables, potatoes, poultry, 100% pure mutton, dairy products - and in creating nutritious and tasty food selections to maintain good health. We source and use quality ingredients, prepared hygienically to preserve their natural flavor and values as much as possible.

The most modern and sophisticated American conveyor ovens are used to bake our fresh dough hand-tossed pizza and Chicago deep pan pizza. We emphasize on see-through kitchens to allow our guests to see the hygienic environment in which we bake their meal. Stringent systems are adhered to provide quality products, quick service and to ensure total hygiene, which matches international norms.

At Pizza Corner, the emphasis is always on recreating the authentic, so that you Enjoy the Real Pizza!

39 Minutes or Free

39 Minutes or Free With pizza becoming a popular meal option, guests ordering a pizza for home delivery are beginning to want their pizza delivered fast. Pizza Corner realised that across India, 39 minutes is an ideal, achievable time frame for delivering a pizza, hot and fresh, to a guest, without putting at risk "precious human lives". Should a pizza not be delivered within 39 minutes, in specified delivery zones (conditions apply), the pizza comes free!

Food For Good

Food for Good Who would have ever thought that eating delicious pizzas could help make the world a better place with equal opportunity for all? Well, it is possible! Especially with Pizza Corner's Food for GoodTM Programme - that ensures a part of the money earned from every pizza goes into a fund for underprivileged children.

Launched in 1998,the Food for GoodTM programme is a Pizza Corner endeavour. Pizza Corner initiated this in association with Bosco Yuva Kendra, Bangalore, that identified 20 deserving street children and opened term deposits of Rs. 1 lakh each in their names. These term deposits help fund their higher education after they've successfully passed their tenth standard examinations.

At Pizza Corner, we really do believe in making a difference - which is why each of our outlets organizes community welfare activities, traffic handling near schools, distribution of toys and clothes among the underprivileged. Because it is about more than just Corporate Social Responsibility, it is about what we owe society.

And we thank our Guests for helping us help make the world a better place.

History of Pizzas


Pizza can be traced back to about 1000 B.C, when the Estrucians from the Levant area of Asia Minor, introduced pizza to northern Italy. Pizza was crude bread that was baked beneath the fired stones. After cooking it was seasoned with a variety of different toppings and used instead of plates and utensils to sop up broth or gravies. This bread was originally known as Focaccia in Italy. However, the Greeks would bake the flavorings directly on the bread itself and the topped bread became the main course eventually. The Romans adopted both the origins and came up with a full slate of dishes. Italy today has over 100 varieties of pizza, and hence the Italians have come to be known as the pioneers of pizza.

We have yet another claim to Pizza. During the 17th century, it is said that one day, a peasant women was baking some bread. Her children, that were standing around anxiously waiting for the goodies were extremely hungry. Her motherly instincts led her to hasten the process hence, she rolled out her bread, quickly put some cheese and meat on it and slid it into the oven for a few minutes and VOILA! PIZZA was born.

However, some say that Pizza's legendary birth was in the 18th century. During that period, there lived an Italian chef named Monzu Testa. Monzu served a Spanish king, Ferdinand of Bourbon. Ferdinand was a real gourmet, and consequently Monzu experimented diligently in hopes of finding a novel palate pleasure for him. One day Monzu stirred, kneaded, seasoned and baked a new creation, which he called pizza (pronounced as pitza). The king was so delighted with it, that he promoted Monzu as the Royal Chef. Yes, yet another version of the wonder we all call PIZZA.

The first pizzeria opened in Naples in 1830 and the first ever Pizza Delivery is traced back to 1889. The recipients were King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy. Pizza had by then become the first fast food known to man but remained a local (read modern Italy) delicacy until the concept crossed the Atlantic, with the migrants from Naples bringing it to modern America. In the 1920's, family operated pizzeria's started to appear all over the northeastern states. Studying the history of pizza, one comes to appreciate, how external influences can assimilate into culture & cuisine.

Whether one country's method predates the other, it does not matter, as what is important, is the appreciation of the fusion and we at Pizza Corner add value to this history by modernizing the service, creating hygienic preparation methods and provide a vibrant environment to enjoy a valuable part of HISTORY.


1830 - First known pizzeria opened in Naples and is still open today. Now that's WOW.

1948 - The first commercial pizza-pie mix introduced in Massachusetts by Frank A. Fiorello.

1905 - First pizzeria in North America at 53 1/3 Spring street in New York city.

1994 - Total pizza sales in U.S. exceed 20 billion.

1997 - First Pizza Corner opens in Chennai, India........and keeps growing and growing and growing.


There are approximately 60,000 pizzaerias in the U.S.

Americans have approximately 110 acres of pizza each day.

Pizza is a $35 billion per year industry.

Pizza restaurant growth continues to outpace overall restaurant growth.

Pizzerias represent 18% of total restaurant worldwide.

Italian food rank as the most popular ethnic food in America followed closely by Chinese and Indian cuisine's

Pizza is positioned as the number TWO food group to succeed in the subcontinent outside of local regional foods, second only to Chinese.